DIY ROSE GOLD PLANNER Hi everybody !! I am here with yet another bog post about DIY planner . If you are a planner addict like me and have been lusting for those rose gold planners, which everybody seem to be posting on Instagram, and feel they are really expensive, then you are at the right place ! Keep on reading for creating your own rose gold planner.
I wanted a rose gold planner ever since I saw Kmart planner, Webster’s pages planner, Kate Spade rose gold planner etc. I live in India and it was becoming expensive to purchase them online and get them shipped here. So, that’s when I got an idea for this little DIY project.

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If you love cute and girly planners but all you have are those old boring black or brown planners, then don’t fret !!! You don’t need to empty your pockets for a cute planner for this upcoming new year. All you need are the following things for our little DIY project:-
* Any old planner
* Paint brushes
* Acrylic paint (color of your choice )
* Scrapbook paper for decoration.

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Now that you have all the above items lets get started. First remove all the papers/ inserts from inside the planner so that you don’t stain them. Now all you gotta do is paint the planner . I applied two coats of paint. Let the first coat dry before you apply the second coat. Depending upon the brand of the acrylic paint you use, you may need more coats of paint to get the desired color.

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Let the paint dry completely. It may take a day or so before you can use it. Once the paint has dried completely, you can add the papers back to the planner and start using the planner or you can enhance its beauty by adding any decorative picture or scrapbook paper.

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I had an old but beautiful invitation card. So, I cut a piece of that and stuck it with double sided tape on the planner. You can decorate your very own rose gold planner with your picture or scrapbook paper. The options are countless…


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