February 2019 Bullet Journal Setup- Unicorn Theme

February 2019 Bullet Journal Setup- Unicorn Theme

I have been a planner girl for quite some years now. I started bullet journalling in November 2018 and fell in love with it. The best thing about bullet journalling (Bujo) is that you can be super creative with the spreads. You can totally customise your journal to suit your needs.

For me bujo is like meditation and it is therapeutic. Each night I spend my ‘ME TIME’ with my bujo and being creative. If you don’t have time or interest to make your spreads, you can stick with minimalistic spreads. I will even share simple and easy 10 min spreads which will help you to be productive.

Today I will be sharing my February 2019 Bullet journal spread and its all about (drum roll please) those “dreamy Unicorns”!

My monthly spread has the following sections:

    • Monthly cover;
    • Month overview;
    • Notes;
    • Habit tracker;
    • 30 days of gratitude;
    • Health tracker &
    • Weekly spreads/ week on one page

Month overview- This section is for writing imp dates like appointments, birthdays, trips etc.

Notes- This section is for mind dump, travel packing lists, grocery shopping list etc.

Habit tracker- Keeps me disciplined haha! It’s actually a reminder for taking time out of the day for self care. I track things like water intake, vitamins, meditation, workout, reading, eating clean etc. It takes more than 21 days to form a new habit. If you wanna be consistent and form new habits, like workout five days a week or no sugar for 30 days then, make habit tracker your new friend.

Gratitude- Being thankful is the key to happiness and living a life, full of abundance. If you have read my first blog post about 2019 goals and challenges, you will know how gratitude has helped me.

Make Gratitude A Habit: Every day just write down what you are thankful for. At night when you are winding down, just close your eyes and introspect about your day. I am sure you will find at least one thing that you are grateful for, in your life.

Once gratitude becomes a habit, you will start seeing countless things to be thankful for. Your mind shifts from things u don’t have in life (that you crib about) to things that u have. Once this shift happens, abundance flows into your life.

Health tracker- This is where I track things like my daily steps, calories and my weight. Health tracker inspires me to be fit, to workout more and live an active life.

Weekly spreads- place where I write down my daily to-dos. This section keeps my days productive and helps me to accomplish my goals.

Let me know in the comments below if you use any planner or a bullet journal to stay organised. Subscribe to my blog and join the fam 🙂

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