opções binárias one touch Hello to all the bright and shiny people!!! I am in such a happy mood that summer has arrived!!  Its the season of bright and sunny days with clear blue skies, the season to indulge in mangoes and wear colorful outfits!! Summer also brings extremely hot days in Mumbai!! To beat this heat and feel cool as a cucumber you need a product which I am going to review today.
I am going to share my thoughts on a face toner. This face toner is changing my skin care game !
To know more about this soothing and calming product keep on reading.. Something about the brands..
This aloe toner was sent to me by Jasnaturals. Jasnaturals is an online store which has under its umbrella , many natural and organic beauty brands, which cater to skin and hair care products. I am an ardent lover of natural and handmade beauty products. And the icing on the cake is the ‘ Made In India’ tag .
The Aloe toner is by the brand Green Bliss, which offers products that are 100% vegan. All their products are free from harmful chemicals as they are made from handpicked, organic and natural ingredients. Their products are certified Ayurvedic and are made of completely organic raw materials.

site de rencontres mst Ingredients :-

follow  Triticum Sativum– Bread wheat is rich in nutrients like vitamin B and E. The high vitamin E levels nourish and prevent moisture loss from the skin.

rencontres bretonnes du sud ouest Crocus Sativus– Saffron helps to reduce dark pigments, acne and pimples. Saffron is known to reduce dark patches and acts as a toning agent. Azadirachta Indica– Neem contains antiseptic, anti inflammatory and astringent properties. Neem is probably the best herb in getting healthy and glowing skin.

conocer sexualmente a una mujer Ocimum Sanctum– Tulsi or Holy Basil is very effective for calming any skin rashes or inflammation. It also has anti fungal properties.

get link Aloe Barbadensis– Aloe Vera is extremely beneficial for our skin. It has countless benefits. It has many vitamins like A, B1, B2, E etc. It has the ability to remove dead skin cells while purifying the pores. Aloe acts as a moisturizing agent. How to use this toner:-
You can include this toner in your morning and night skin care routine. Wash your face with a face wash, pat dry your face and then spray the toner all over your face.
You can even apply this toner during the day just to feel refreshed. Carry it in your bag when you are out and about. It can calm your skin after being exposed to the harsh sun. My thoughts :-
First of all I just love the packaging of this toner. It comes in a spray bottle. It sprays a thin mist evenly all over the face. The toner has a very mild herbal fragrance of neem and other wonderful ingredients. The toner gets its green color from all those (good for the skin) green ingredients like neem and tulsi . I have included this toner in both my morning as well as my night skin care routine. I have sensitive skin so it really helps in calming and clearing my skin. It is making my skin smooth and soft. It is priced at Rs. 245/- for 110 ml. The toner is 100 % natural and vegan. This toner has made it into my favorites and I am in love with it.


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  • 6yardsofmagic


    Excellent review!! Loved the photography of the product!!

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    Trying this out and loving it too

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    Nicely reviewed. LOved reading it

  • Niharika Verma


    Love the shots & your views on this 🙂

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    Lovely Shots!! I am loving their almond honey toner 🙂

    • stylelifecafe

      Thanks girl!! I am sure you are!! Their products are amazing:-)

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