What I Got For My Birthday 2016

Hello my beautiful angels!! Welcome back to my blog! Today I am going to share with you’ll what I got for my birthday. My birthday was on 1st of September . I really had a great birthday. I got to spend my special day with friends and family.
I am totally a bag addict. So, my mom gifted me this beautiful Guess bag . I love animal prints. Guess was having their sale, so my mom got this bag at 50% off. This bag is of perfect size as I tend to carry smaller bags when I don’t have to be out for the whole day.

Then I have been gifted some goodies by my family from H&M . I wanted socks for the gym. So these cute sets of socks are perfect. I got one set of seven black and white pairs of socks , one set of five colourful summery printed socks and a set of 5 neon coloured pairs of socks.




Also from H&M are these gorgeous pair of tie-up shoes. I just loved the style of this pair of shoes. They have the perfect box heels and is very comfortable to walk in.

And last but not the least, my parents gifted me this gorgeous Michael Kors sling bag. I loved this bag, as the colour of this bag is welcoming the autumn weather. The colour of this bag is a mix of rust and brown . Though it is a sling bag, it is quite spacious and it would fit all my essentials. I love its dome shape.



I am really grateful to receive all these gifts !!! Following this blog, would be other blogs on makeup and beauty hauls. So stay tuned in 🙂

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