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Hi my lovely angels !!! I am here with my first travel story. If you want to know about my perfect weekend getaway, then keep on reading!!

I live in the city that never sleeps a.k.a Mumbai . I love the fast paced city life, but every few months I feel like taking a road trip over the weekend just to unwind and slow down . Its very important for me to take a break to relax, rejuvenate and refuel my mind and soul by taking short trips.

This travel story is about my weekend getaway to Karjat a mini hill station, approx 68 kilometers from Mumbai . From the hustling and bustling city to a scenic and peaceful heaven :)Karjat is located near the basin of river Ulhas . Its a popular weekend holiday destination for all the Mumbaikars because of its close proximity and scenic beauty. Monsoon is the best season to visit Karjat . The lush green mountains , the gushing river , raindrops on leaves , tiny streams and beautiful waterfalls just speak to my soul.

I had taken this trip in September with my yoga group . Since Mumbai had a long monsoon this year, we tried to make the most of it. We had rented a car for the seven yoginis including me . We started our travel around 8 in the morning to avoid any traffic .

‘Find joy in the journey ‘ – Thomas S. Monson’s quote,  is apt for us because this is what we exactly did. The journey of approximately two hours was filled with joy, laughter and lots of fun…

We stopped for a quick tea break and to eat the famous vada and bhajia pavs on the way near Karjat chowk. Thakare Hotel is a small but extremely famous snack joint. It’s know for its piping hot and crispy kanda (onion) bhajias (fritters) and vada pavs (Indian burgers). Journey to Karjat is incomplete without having these.

Around 11 in the morning, we reached our destination. We were staying at a beautiful holiday home belonging to a yoga friend. The house was nestled amidst the mountains and just by the river bank. The terrace of the house was overlooking the river which was in full spate .

I couldn’t resist clicking the picture of this beautiful keg against the backdrop of the river even though I am a teetotaller.

We kept our bags in our rooms and just plonked ourselves on to the lazy chairs on the terrace. The weather was quite sultry and humid as it was about to rain. The dark clouds were hovering above us.

Then came the heavy downpour and we ran inside!! It was about 1 pm and we were hungry again. The hostess had got lunch packed from home and it was a feast indeed!! We hogged the yummy Rajasthani food prepared lovingly by her. After our lunch we just chatted till the evening dawned upon us . We just had a quick tea and went for a trek alongside the flowing river. It was drizzling but we didn’t mind as the sight was just breathtaking!!! The trek was interesting, not a single person on the road except us , just the sound of our shoes brushing against the cobbled stone path . I was startled by a small crab which jumped out of nowhere. We made our way back when it was dark and all of a sudden the drizzle turned into a heavy downpour.

Once we changed into fresh clothes, we put on dim lights and were ready for a good yoga and meditation session. Our yoga teacher gave us instructions and we were literally taken into a trance like state..This was the best meditation session of my life until now !!! All we could hear was the sound of the gushing river water and the music of the of rain drops . Not a single honk or city noise to distract us!! I was transported into a different world. I felt one with the universe.

We had worked our appetite from our trek so we started cooking up some veggie burgers and veggie tacos . After our dinner we played card games and just chilled. We slept around one in the morning.

The next day we were all up around 8 in the morning and made ourselves a hot cuppa and relaxed on our lazy chairs on the terrace and enjoyed the music created by nature. We had a cooking session and made different cuisines for breakfast. After having my breakfast i just did a photography session [Life of a blogger ;)].

We had called some locals from the village nearby to cook us some local food for lunch. They prepared bharleli vangi ( stuffed aubergines) and chawal ki bhakri( rice flour flat breads). It was a drool worthy meal!! After lazing around for a little while we put on some music and danced around like there was no tomorrow. Around tea time we packed our bags and set back for our homeward journey but not without stopping at the same Thakare’s quaint little place for our tea . I captured this magnificent sunset on our way back to Mumbai.

What a beautiful weekend that was!! I will go back for many more….

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  1. Wow good job with the blog

  2. Neha kumari says:

    Lovely pics. Looks like you enjoyed a lot.

  3. Such beautiful place! 😀 I’m a Mumbaikar and a Yogi too! But I have never been to Karjat. I liked this post. Keep doing more such posts! 🙂 Loved the photos!

  4. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay says:

    I always love to read travelogues. Nice clicks.

  5. Picture full of nature… <3

  6. khadija Beauty says:

    Beautiful place 🙂

  7. This place is beautiful! Gotta go someday. Enjoyed this post Srishti!

  8. Hi there, I came across your blog and thoroughly enjoy what I see.. Keep it up! It would be great if we could support each other. I just started my own blog if you would like to check it out:D

    1. stylelifecafe says:

      Hi I am glad you liked my blog!! Thanks for stopping by:-) It’s a great idea to support each other !! Let’s follow each other’s blog

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